Drowning (2009) Clip

Rising stars Xavier Samuel (Twilight: Eclipse) and Miles Szanto (The Elephant Princess) put their own twist on traditional coming out fables in Craig Boreham's second contribution to the Boys On Film library, 'Drowning'.

Things are changing for Mik (Miles Szanto). His world has been turned upside down by the sudden death of his older brother forcing him to redefine his place in his family. The one solid thing in Mik's life is his best friend Dan (Xavier Samuel). But Dan has a new girlfriend...

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@ Mulberry Summer Party

SPEAKING for the first time about the woman who has won him over, Twilight hunk Xavier Samuel admitted he is "all loved up" with European beauty queen and model Shermine Shahrivar.

The actor from Adelaide, who took out GQ's Man of Style award two weeks ago, has spent the past few weeks showing the Iranian-born beauty around Australia for the first time.
The attractive couple recently arrived in Sydney from the Gold Coast, where Samuel was filming Bait, and hardly left each other's sides at the Mulberry summer garden party on Wednesday.
The 27-year-old revealed he met the Miss Europe pageant 2005 winner in Berlin earlier this year while filming political thriller Anonymous with Rhys Ifans.
"It's going really well ... I'm all loved up," he told Confidential, and "hopes" Shahrivar will accompany him to Adelaide to meet his folks over Christmas. He plans to stay in Sydney until about March shooting a yet-to-be-confirmed film.

PS: 2 more pictures here, but these are so shitty quality, that I thought it's photoshopped... If somebody finds better quality, please post it :)

Hangover Down Under

Australian director Stephan Elliott (Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; Welcome to Woop Woop; Easy Virtue) is set to direct a new comedy, A Few Best Men, which follows a groom and his three best men who travel to the Australian outback for a wedding.

While the details of the narrative are under wraps, the film sounds like it's tracing similar territory to The Hangover, Todd Phillips's smash hit about three groomsmen who lose their soon-to-be-wed best friend during a series of drunken misadventures in Las Vegas.

According to sources close to FILMINK, the comedy will feature rising local star Xavier Samuel as the British groom. Samuel was most recently seen on the big screen as a vampire in Twilight: Eclipse and as a tortured high school student in Sean Byrne's horror film The Loved Ones. The actor's currently shooting Bait on the Gold Coast and will next be seen in Roland Emmerich's political thriller Anonymous (release date: September 30th, 2011).

The film will also feature Aussie actor and archetypal larrikin Steve Le Marquand in a key role as a drug dealer; sure to stir up some crazy antics. Le Marquand starred in this year's war film Beneath Hill 60 and is also known for his roles in the features Last Train To Freo and Kokoda.

A Few Best Men is penned by Dean Craig whose previous screenwriting credits include both the original British film Death at a Funeral, as well as the recent US remake. With the film to be directed by Elliott, who is well versed in both exuberant and more restrained comedy, it sounds like there's a pretty impressive combination of talent on board...

Q&A from GQ and 2 new picture

GQ: So what’s life been like post Twilight?
XS: It’s been kind of cool actually, I’ve been hanging around in Berlin. I skipped off and did a film over there.

GQ: Was that Anonymous?
XS: Yeah. And I’ve spent a bit more time in LA and New York as well. So I’ve just been kind of enjoying it. We’ve skipped off to all these cities for the publicity for the film.

GQ: Were you caught up in the Twilight madness to the same extent as the main actors have been?
XS: Well, I certainly was not under the microscope in the same fashion that a lot of those guys were. I played the villain of the film, and they’ve been involved two films prior to that, so I kind of entered at a point when it was already severely popular. So it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind really, but a good one.

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Xavier in GQ Australia

Man of Style Xavier Samuel

GQ’s Man of Style Xavier Samuel was surprised to learn we’d anointed him the most dapper chap in the land. “I’m not really a fashion enthusiast. I just wear stuff I like and feel comfortable in,” was the 26-year-old actor’s initial reaction. But, when pressed, Samuel demonstrated impressive sartorial smarts, reeling off a list of cutting-edge clothing shops he “wanders into” in Paris, New York and Sydney.

He then went on to sing the praises of Hudson shoes, All Saints jackets, Incu T-shirts, Nudie jeans, and Herringbone shirts. After that he generously shared his favourite piece of fashion advice: “Someone once told me I should never wear a black T-shirt because everyone that was cool – Paul Newman, Marlon Brando – wore a white one. The only person who ever wore a black T-shirt was Patrick Swayze. The person telling me this said, ‘So it’s your call – do you want to be Newman, or do you want to be Swayze?’”

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